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Saturday, July 5th 2014

3:05 PM

All Comments Deleted by Accident

How fool is that? I tried to clean up my blog after few years of inactivity and what I did was so foolish to think. I didn't understand much about the clean up comments options in the manager dashboard. Sorry to all my blogger friends relevant commenters. Now I have nothing left to trace your participation in this blog of mine in the past years.

My last entry was August 2012, now it's 2014! Gosh..Such a blogging haitus.

What's new with me? Hmm..oh yeah I'm into LOOKBOOK and I'm blogging about it in my Fashion and Beauty Blog. I'm loving the posting of my look of the day collections. It's just for fun loving of fashion. I love to dress up and shop and I know you too. It's good to feel pretty and fabulous with your outfit. I am Instagram active too. Another picture sharing using smart phone and other gadgets. There I can follow my favorite celebrities and usual common friends in different social sites.


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