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Saturday, October 30th 2010

8:12 AM

What's the weather forecast?

This is the question we used to asked almost everyday. Son can you check the weather today and tomorrow? What's the forecast for the today? It's going to be rainy day with 20 degrees C morning, afternoon and night. So the party was canceled. Actually not canceled, it's just the first choice of venue was canceled. Yeah we're going to family friend's son's 11th birthday party celebration that supposed to be held at Gumbuya Park to where exciting rides are there. Unfortunately the weather didn't go the way we want it to be. Party will be in the house. Why not? That will be fun too. Kids just love being with other kids playing and all especially if they get along so well. I should be preparing now but I felt like writing something before leaving the house. Kids are still having their breakfast. Hubby runs to the nearby shop just to buy sticky tape for our gift to the celebrant. Oh no we're not giving sticky tape to the celebrant silly. You know what I mean. It's for the gift-wrap okay?

At the moment the weather looks fine and the sun starts to give light to the world. Not as bright as the normal spring season sunshine in the morning but enough for all the family people to go somewhere and have fun with their kids. But must keep in mind the weather forecast of the day. Rain... rain... rain... go away, come again another day. Well anyway rain is blessing. Oh my kids taking so long in the dining table. Chatting while eating, doing things while mommy's not looking. So annoying but I'm just listening. I just hate nagging just like what their father's ritual in the morning.

Today's Oct 30 and some people are having Halloween party. Kids will go to wear Halloween costumes and knock someone else's houses for lollies. What more tomorrow the Australia's normal Halloween celebration because of the first and second of November it's not holiday. There's work and school on the first day and a big event on the second day of the month. What is it? Melbourne Cup. The biggest horseracing event of the month. Most girls will wear their fabulous fashionable clothes for the event with something on their head. A hat with a big ribbon, flower and all. A fabulous flowery headband. In short, Spring look! I've never been to the kind of event. Who knows someday?

 Before I end this post let me say, that's all for now. Oh wait, there's something lacking. Pictures? Any pictures? Let's see what can I upload. Happy weekend everyone. God Bless you all.


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