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Saturday, April 9th 2011

9:41 PM

Its been a while, sorry

January is the last month I've posted here in this blog of mine. What the heck? I didn't realized it took for ages to post again. It's just that life changes as we go along. I've been working casual since the school term began and now first term of the school year just ended. I've been very busy doing my part time small business and of course my part time hobby. It's keeping me busy and happy actually that's why blogging is not my priority anymore. Hubby's now helping me sometimes since he's always in the office doing work in front of her notebook. He's helping me blogging to earn and the earning is my allowance hehe personal allowance not for household budget.

By the way, we went out today for lunch and movie. We watched Hoff with our kids of course. It was cute and hilarious movie. Perfect for the whole family especially for kids. It's about Easter bunny.
Hubby bought me a cute bracelet that I saw in the Love Bevilles brochure. It wasn't expensive but it's a natural gemstones of good quality and impressive value. I just find it cute and love to add it in my collections. I actually don't collect but it seems like because I got heaps, oh not heaps just few of them. This one is called Howlite adveturine with sterling silver heart charm.

That's all for tonight because my head is aching again. I don't feel that well today because of it but I just manage it just not to spoil our weekend family bonding. But I am fine. I try to update more soon and hopefully my good blogging mode will be back to normal. Happy weekend everyone.
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