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Saturday, July 5th 2014

3:05 PM

All Comments Deleted by Accident

How fool is that? I tried to clean up my blog after few years of inactivity and what I did was so foolish to think. I didn't understand much about the clean up comments options in the manager dashboard. Sorry to all my blogger friends relevant commenters. Now I have nothing left to trace your participation in this blog of mine in the past years.

My last entry was August 2012, now it's 2014! Gosh..Such a blogging haitus.

What's new with me? Hmm..oh yeah I'm into LOOKBOOK and I'm blogging about it in my Fashion and Beauty Blog. I'm loving the posting of my look of the day collections. It's just for fun loving of fashion. I love to dress up and shop and I know you too. It's good to feel pretty and fabulous with your outfit. I am Instagram active too. Another picture sharing using smart phone and other gadgets. There I can follow my favorite celebrities and usual common friends in different social sites.


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Wednesday, August 15th 2012

8:43 PM

Ops it's August 2012!!!

It's August 2012 and I haven't posted anything since last year on April. Can you believe that? It's just that I was so busy and, I am still busy actually.  I just want to say thanks to all who still visit this page of mine. God bless you all.
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Monday, January 24th 2011

7:04 PM

Auto Repair

When you are a car owner, you often think or worry about a few things. One of the things you worry about is how to maintain your car in good if not perfect condition. Of course, auto repair is also an important thing that every car owner worries about. It's not something that a car owner would want, but it is unavoidable. It's better to be prepared for a brake job for example than be caught by surprise.

 No one should be forgetting about oil change and regular car maintenance.  So it would be best to have someone to trust with your car.  But of course, you have to look for a repairer in your area.  If you live in Houston for example, you would want to look for Houston auto repair to take care of your car.  It's just added peace of mind for any car owner if they can trust the repairer.  It's a good thing searching for the best repairer for you is not that very hard at all.  Just like everything else, it is just a mouse click away.
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Wednesday, November 17th 2010

8:31 PM

My Mail Box

Since the time when man started finding a permanent place to call home, it's always been about the fixtures around the home. And it's not just about the house itself or the stuff in it.  Even contemporary mailboxes can make a home's exterior as nice as the inside.   Yes, the mail box may not be something that you would consider as an important part of the home, but it can compliment a beautiful garden or be a preview to the home. 

A bobi mailbox will clearly be good for my dream home.  I'm sure that my front yard will really look great.  Heck, I'll probably ask everyone in our village to get bobi mailboxes too.   I know that the mailman will surely love to see a mail box as cool as these, but of course all my guest and neighbors will probably like it too.   Of course, all of this will be possible if I was able to get my dream home.  I'll have to work on that first.

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Wednesday, November 10th 2010

5:59 PM

Know the Weather

When I think about opening up a conversation with someone, there are a few topics that I can think of.   It often depends on who I would have a conversation with.   Only a few topics make it to the general list that can be used for just about anyone.   There is one good topic that I can always open up for conversation with anyone.   This is about the weather.   People in Sydney are interested about the Sydney Weather because it affects how we would go about our days.   This is the same with everyone around Australia.

Being aware of the weather forecast in the area you are in is always important.  People are always concerned about what to wear, and if they need an umbrella just in case it rains.   Knowing Sydney Weather Forecast or the forecast in Melbourne is quite easy too.  There are a few sources ranging from your favourite newspaper, morning TV show, or even a website.   People in Sydney can rely on the Weather Channel's website for accurate and up-to-date Sydney Weather or even around Australia.

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Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

8:05 PM

Funeral Planning

Facing death in the family is a very tough situation for anyone to deal with. It is even tougher when one has to arrange everything for a love ones funeral. How can anyone expect you to face people let alone talk with them about how a funeral should be done? The most important thing to deal with in the immediate is your grief. This is where funeral planning comes in as an important for anyone. Of course, we know that we will eventually die. So it is just logical to plan ahead and prepare. You wouldn't want your love ones to go through an ordeal with your funeral because they are too distraught to arrange it. Let's face it, a funeral plan is not just for yourself. It's also for your love ones. The nice thing about funeral plans now is that they can arrange everything for you and your family. They wouldn't need to worry about a thing. Check Funeral plans Australia for more information.
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Sunday, October 24th 2010

8:53 PM

It's in the Domain

There are just so many free blog and webhosting sites around, but none of them really compare to a web hosting that is your own.  Yes you don't have to pay for it; but you are locked in with all the unneccessary advertising on your page.    Also, the domain name isn't exclusively yours.  They may give you freedom to choose a domain name that can be yours, but it still has their trademark. 

If you want a page that is your own, then you just need to look for the best web host around.   You wouldn't believe how cheap some of these services are.  It's good for business for bloggers, and it's a great exclusive place on the Internet for those, who just want to be unique.  If you still think it's too much work for a person to deal with, then think again and view the guide to a worry free hosting.

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Sunday, October 24th 2010

6:41 PM

Know your limits

Do you gamble? It's funny how I eat my words when said before I will never be expose to gambling and I will never gamble. Oh well I am not a gambler but I do bet in pokies sometimes. Not online pokies but actual. It started when I joined as a signature member at crown casino because I'm playing bingo for free. You need to be a member before you can have the benefit of playing free bingo and you can win up to $10K jackpot. Actually I won 5 times already though not jackpot. I was just trying my luck with the influence of a close friend and now it's like a habit once or twice a month. Crown is sending me free pokies credits during my first three months of joining  and it's giving me a lot of pleasure. I got circle of friends already that had been playing pokies for many years and they're telling me that I should know my limit. I should set my limits. Of course I do. I'm just enjoying the pokies credits actually. If I have to let out some amount from my pocket it would be just 10-20 bucks. There are free online pokies too but I don't know how the system goes. Maybe I'll check how it is working. Just being curious.
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Sunday, October 24th 2010

6:17 PM

Math help and more

During my days online math tutoring don't exist. Maybe it does but we're not aware of it since we're not exposed to computers and Internet yet. That's why if we have math questions or if we need geometry help we just figured things out by ourselves. Nowadays students are lucky. They got almost everything at hand as long as they're willing as well as the parents too. Parents want the best education for their children. I really need physics help during my secondary days back then because I was struggling with it. I was really glad that my effort paid because I still pass every grading period though not high rating but average. I'm a good student and I love to study.
If anyone needs help about math, physics, chemistry and geometry, try-accessing tutorvista.com. I've heard a lot about this online tutoring site. They specialized K-12 and college tutoring.
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Friday, October 15th 2010

10:19 PM

Just renewed the pro service

Yes my blog is not just ordinary. They called it Blog Professional. It's not for free of course but it's worthy. It's like an investment. It's already my bravenet blog's second year as pro and I have no regrets. Is is due to expire on Monday 18th of October so obviously I started to have a pro account last October 18, 2008. I created this blog April 10, 2008. Wow! I just realized it tonight?
I think I need a renovation again. I just don't know when to get enough time to create. I still love the look of it especially my header and background image. I just can't let go yet.

Upgrading to blog professional now cost $39.95 but I didn't hesitate to pay since this blog giving me more than I paid. Hoping it won't stop.
By the way, here are the Blog Professional Features:

  • Remove Ads and Branding
    No more advertisements and all Bravenet branding removed.

  • 25,000 Blog Entries
    Tons more storage space for a lifetime of journal entries.

  • Remove Community Bar
    You have the option to remove the community bar at the top of your Blog!

  • Privacy Settings
    Password protect your Blog and control who has access to view your private thoughts.

  • View more Statistics
    With the professional version you can view up to 12 months of statistics and referrers.

  • More Links
    Add up to 150 custom links into your Blog sidebar.

  • Mini Tag Board
    Store up to 100 tag posts at once, and get people chatting on your Blog.

  • $50 Free Ad Credit from MIVA
    Bravenet Professional Service Members - Sign up for a MIVA advertiser account today and we will give you $50 in free advertising credits.

  • Free Dynamic Talking Character
    Get a free version of Site Pal when you sign up for any professional service.

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