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Saturday, August 9th 2008

5:42 PM

Awkward situation (my jealous man)

We went to the city today just to have lunch and hung out at the Melbourne Central. If we go out we just ride a train  since it's the most suitable and practical way to get there rather than renting a cab or riding a tram. Just imagine we have all boys kids and we still don't have our own car yet. All the people who will go to the city just left their cars somewhere near the train station. Melbourne City is quite far from our place but we love to go there especially second Sunday of the month. Yeah I remember tomorrow is second Sunday and we're gonna be there again because of the Filipino Mass. It's nice to see lots of Filipinos when you're not in the Philippines.
This morning, on our way to the City and we're riding the  train it's already quiet full and we have no choice but to sit separately. I was sitting near the window with my second son but my older son whining that he wants to sit near the window. To avoid complication and to make him sit down I transfer to another place not so far from them. My hubby just standing near the door holding the stroller of our youngest son and the little boy was asleep.
I'm sitting beside  an Australian guy I think in the early 20s of age. I don't know what he is doing the moment I sit beside him but after a while he suddenly asked me "hi, so what you been up today?" I was like what? And then he asked me again with a very warm smile. I don't know what to say, I don't know what to answer so I just give him a timid smile and look away.I felt awkward and I can hardly move. Gosh I know my hubby is looking at me and I'm sure he will freak out if I will make a conversation with a stranger. I don't know If I embarrassed the guy.I noticed that after a while he stand up and then go next the door and go down the next station. I'm guilty with what I did but I am also scared. I'm sorry for him. Any conversation between us will ruin my family day. I don't know if the guy notice that I'm with my family and if he's thinking if I'm single. I must admit, no one will think that I am married and already have kids if I go out alone. Even my wedding ring can't prove it but of course I don't deny that I am. Some people believe and some were amaze. I don't know if I should be proud for myself but I always find trouble with my man because of it. Yeah, I have a very jealous and possessive husband although we already have 3kids and been together for 8years. It's his nature to get jealous no matter what I do.
When we arrived at Melbourne Central and was about to go down my man looks at me strangely. I know what he is thinking. Then he asked, "What's the guy asking you huh?" So I tell him the truth. He just said "damn that man, you shouldn't sit beside him, he is always looking at you, he remove his headphone on his ear, fix himself and look at you again! he is interested in you, what did you answer to him?" See..I am right, my man is watching every movement I do and the guy as well. He is very jealous and I can see it with the expression on his face. He also said that he was preparing his punch to hit the guy if he do something to me. For goodness sake. I was just glad that the guy don't insist with his question. Whew! What the heck! Oh well, thanks God everything turns out just fine after the intense situation. If were in my situation, what will you do if you also have a jealous possessive hubby like mine?

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